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     JagannathPuri is the center of attraction for both devotees as well as tourists, situated on the sea coast of Orissa, which is also known as Shri Kshetra of Purushotham. This ancient temple was built by king Anangabhima deva. This great pilgrim center draws innumerable crowds not only from India but also from other parts of the globe throughout the year. It is a matter of joy for the pilgrims to take holy dip in the sea and bath with the holy waters of Markandeya, Indradyumna, Swethaganga sarovars. The height of the temple is about 215ft. Lord Shri Chaitanya Maha Prabhu had stayed here during his last years. Jagannath Puri is famous for so many temples and mutts amongst Shri Shankaracharya mutt, Shri Lokanath mutt and Emar mutt. Besides having road links Jagananth Puri is also connected by rail from Khurda road, which is about 40km away.

     The Orissa Tourism Development Corporation has provided Luxury coaches for the travelers which take them to day long trip to Konark, Dhauligiri, Temples of Bhubaneshwar, Saksi Gopal temple, Khandagiri-Udayagiri, and Nandankanan Zoo.

Places of Tourist interest in and around Jagannath Puri

Temples and Tourist places in Jagannath Puri
1. Shankaracharya math.
2. Salambaig samadhi.
3. Eamar math.
4. Gambhira math.
5. Sidhabakul math.
6. Kabir math.
7. Radhavallabh- math.
8. Radhakanth math.
9. Punjabi math
10. Neelachaker ashram.
11. Gobhardhan math.
12. Jagannath-vallabh math.
13. Balbhader chatha- math.
14. Badaodia math.
15. Sonargowragam math.
16. Badachatha math.
17. Sidhibekul math.
18. Salbaig math.
19. Omamkar sitaramdas math.
20. Mangu math.
21. Purushotham math.
22. Nandhini math.
23. Dusavatar math.
24. Haridasthakur's Samadhi.25. Ramdas math.
26. Jevya Babaji- math.
27. Mahiprakash math.
28. Uttarparshva math. 
29. Jeer swamy- math-bali sahi.
30. Thota gopinath-bali
31. Triveni math-bali- sahi.
32. Shankaracharya math-swarg dwar.
33. Balramcroat math-bali- sahi.;
34. Gandharva bsp;math-police line road.
35. Gowdeya math-grand road.
36. Rabesha math-near doodhwala dharmasala. 
37. Samadhi math-swargdwar.
38. Sarojani math-swargdwar on the banks of the sea.
39. Ramakrishna math-chakra
40. Lord Jagannath
41. Balagandhi.
42. Gundicha Temple.
43. Narasimha Temple. 
44. Indradyumna Tank.
45. Paramananda- Puri's Well.
46. Sarvabhauma Battachary's Math.
47. Kashi Mishra's Math.
48. Bhaktivinode's Bhajan Kutir&ISKCON.
49. Chakra Tirtha-Temple. 

Tourist places around Jagannath Puri

      The capital city of Orissa is one of the very few planned cities in India which lies in the Eastern part of the country. The graceful towers of the ancient temples, with wonderful architecture, fine stone carving attracts the millions of tourists throughout the year from all over the globe.

State Museum:
     It is situated in a modern building in Lewis road which has archeological collection, tribal arts and many other collections. In the ground floor the pieces of religious scriptures of the 12th centuryBuddhist statues in exhibition on the stone and copper plate. The upstairs features ethnographies of Orissan societies, jewellery, musical instruments weapons tools and traditional costumes . The most important point of the musuem is its collection of illuminated palm leaf manuscripts and antiques.

Ravindra Mandap:
Situated in the secretariat road where regular music, dance & drama events go on.

Museum of Man:
      It is situated near Baramubnda Bus stand, which speaks of tribal art and culture representing about sixty five different tribal groups of Orissa.

Birapratapur and Ganga Narayanpur:
     These places are situated about 10-13 kms distance from Puri _Bhubaneswar road. They look very beautiful in the groves of coconut trees, paddy field, lakes & rivers and several other small temples too.

      The famous Konark Sun temple is situated about 40 kms Northerly direction to Puri which is world famous for its magnificent architecture. he temple has lost its once glory due to the negligence .But then, in the beginning of the 19th century there was a lot of renovation work done to regain its past glory. There are seven horses and twenty four carved wheels which shows that this has been carved to depict the Sun God .There are so many sculptures drawn from Kamasutra. In this regard even the 16th century poet Abdul Faizal admitted very high of the temple and the sculptors.

Chilka Lake:
      This is the largest lagoon of the Asia which is about 1100 sq.kms of brackish waters of Bay of Bengal which is also famous for migrated birds such as flamingoes, pelicans, Ospreys, Ruffs and Avocets from Siberia and Persia.

Parasumareswara Mandir:
      This was built around 650 A.D. which is one of the most beautiful temples of Bhubaneswar. In this there are Lord Shiva, Parvati, Ganesha, a saint and also a Shiva Linga. There is a famous big Banyan tree nearby.

Raja Rani Mandir:
      The guardians of the eight directions deities protecting the main shrine. Indra, Kubera , Varuna, Yama and others (dikpalakas)  are seen in this temple. This temple gives almost an unfinished look.

Muktheswara Temple:
     This is a 10th century temple considered to be one of the beautiful and famous for architecture of Orissa . There are some ghats around the tank for the visitors to stay aroud and enjoy. The deities of Ganesh and his brother Kartikeya are also seen.

Lingaraj Mandir:
     This temple is considered to have been built about 100 years 
before Lord JagannathTemple. The deity Tribhubaneswara is very famous. Here the Linga is considered to be Swayambhu i.e. self manifested. This is also known as Hari-Hara kshetra which is considered to be half Shiva and half Vishnu.

Brahmeswara Mandir:
     This temple is considered to be of 11th century in which there is a deity. There is a deity of goddess Lakshmi and the guardians of the eight directions- dikpalakas. There is a gigantic Nandi too, which captures the visitors very much.

Bindu Sagar:
      As per the scriptures this small artificial lake has a great religious importance. It is believed that the holy waters of all the sacred rivers along with nectar, wine are present within the lake. During the Car Festivals of Bhubaneswar, the Lingaraj deity is taken for ceremonial bath. The enchanting scenery of the rising and setting of the Sun cannot be missed either by the visitor or by the local populace.

Vaital Deul Mandir:
      This temple bears a total difference to its contemporaries in Bhubaneswar which is said to have been built about 800 AD. The Buddhist influence in its style of construction can be seen in this temple. In this there is goddess Durga in her most terrifying form "Chamundi" with skull garland accompanied by jackal and owl stands upon a corpse. The most horrible tantric art of this age is well depicted in this temple.



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