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     The main temple is divided into four parts. The first one is as described the Biman In front of the Biman in a line are the shorter temples called Mukhasala, Jagamohan and Bhogamandap. Surrounding the temple on all sides within the rectangular complex comprising an area of about 10 acres enclosed by two rectangular huge and thick walls, are about 40 or more different temples.

      The most important of these temples is the Bimala devi temple. It is said that worship of Lord Jagannath is complete only after worshipping Bimala devi. Bimala Devi gets the prasad Offerings Lord Jagannath and then it becomes Mahaprasadam.

     The Mukhasala houses the jewelery, clothes, other paraphernalia and the bedroom for Lord Jagannath. Also this is a place where the Gita-govinda of Poet & devotee Jayadeva is sung and danced to by the Devadasis. The next part in front is Jagamohan where the Garuda Stambha is situated and where Lord Chaitanya is said to have taken darshan of Lord Jagannath regularly. It is also recommended that one take darshan of Lord Jagannath from here only. The Garuda Stambha also has a pit which is supposed to have been filled with the tears of Chaitanya as he used to weep on seeing Lord Jagannath. The finger prints of Lord Chaitanya are found on the pillar. In front of the Jagamohan is the Bhogamandap is a spacious hall with sculptures and paintings about pastimes of Lord Krishna. During the Bhogamandap rites, huge Offerings of all varieties are made to Lord Jagannath from here.

     In front of the main gate is the Aruna Stambha carrying on top the figure of Aruna the charioteer of the Sun God. It is brought from the Sun temple, Konark. In the passage room of this gate is a deity of Lord Jagannath called Patita Pavana, which the non-Hindus and those not permitted inside can take Darshan of Lord Jagannath.

      There are four Gates, the Eastern Simhadvara, the southern Aswadvara, the western Vyagradvara and the northern Hastidvara. The Simhadvara (Lion Gate) is the main entrance on Grand Road.



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