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     The temple Architecture is similar to other temples of Orissa like the Lingaraj  temple of Bhubaneshwar and the Sun Temple of Konark. However, due to it’s proximity to the sea it has been covered with lime plaster to protect it from the saline climate of Jagannath Puri. The sheer grandeur inspires any person to wonder at the Glory ofLord Jagannath.

     The huge Biman or the huge canopy like structure is the first part. It sports regally ametal disc called the Neela Chakra and a flag mast. The sight of the flag fluttering at the high level is gorgeous. It looks like the Chariot of the Emperor as it is moving in the battlefield! The Biman houses the sanctum sanctorum called the Ratnavedhi where the Deities are seated. The Architecture of temples around Jagannath puri is of great significance. major ones are as follows:

1. Parasumareswara mandir
2. Raja Rani Mandir
3. Muktheswara Temple
4. Lingaraj Mandir
5. Brahmeswara Mandir
6. Bindu Sagar
7. Vaital Deul Mandir

Jagannathpuri Architechture

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