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     Every day 56 varieties of Bhog are offered to the Lord. The preparations are made traditionally and no onion, garlic, chillies or many varieties of vegetables (considered alien) are not used. These Offerings after being made to Lord Jagannath are in turn again offered to Goddess Bimala Devi in the temple precincts and then becomes Mahaprasadam. This Mahaprasadam is considered very efficacious for spiritual liberation. One should respectfully honor t1/1/1999he Mahaprasadam sitting on the floor. This Mahaprasadam is available daily after 3 -5 pm. This is sold outside the sanctum sanctorum area but within the temple premises. The Mahaprasadam remains hot for a long time as it is kept in the same earthen pots which are used to cook it.

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Jagannathpuri temple Mahaprasadam

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