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     One of the specialities of the temple is the temple kitchen-Rosaghar. It is said to be the largest kitchen in the world. There are 240 fire places and 600 cooks who cook varieties of rice, vegetables, sweet meats to Lord Jagannath. No less than 56 (Chappan Bhog) is offered daily to Lord. The fire is lit from the Homa sacrificial fire. The food is cooked only in earthen pots. The Mahaprasadam of Jagannath is so sacred that anyone can eat from a pot even if someone has already eaten it. The Mahaprasadam is available for sale within the temple complex in large quantities. The beauty of the Mahaprasadam is it does not spoil even if retained for a long period and it remains hot for a long time having been preserved in the earthen pots.

Embroidery designs enrich the tusser silk. Kantha embroidery is famous on this gold sheen fabric.

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